A Quality Air Filter Will Help An HVAC Unit To Work More Efficiently

Clean Air Filters are for more than just keeping the air clean within a building. A quality air filter can eliminate dirt from accumulating in an HVAC unit. This dirt can cause the unit to work harder and increase energy costs. The air quality in a building will also deteriorate as the filter becomes clogged with dirt. The type of HVAC unit will determine what type of filter an individual should use with their system. In addition, the replacement schedule for a filter will vary depending on the use of the equipment and the air flowing into the unit. A home that has pets and several children will require a filter change more frequently than an individual that is rarely home or has no pets.

Pleated Air Filters are a popular choice among many HVAC users. Each filter is designated with a MERV rating. MERV is short for Minimum Efficiency Rating Value. This rating tells someone what size of dirt the filter will catch. Most homes should not use a filter with a higher rating than eight. Particles in a building contain insecticide dust, pet danger, pollen or bacteria. Some of the filters on the market only have a MERV rating of one to four. When the rating is this low, it will not catch many of the particles in the air and will continue to transport them throughout the building. Filters that are rated five to seven are a much better choice. This type of filter will catch particles that are three microns in size and larger.


Commercial HVAC units use Industrial Air Filters that has a MERV rating of eight to twelve. Homeowners that want the cleanest air possible can use this type of MERV rated filter but should check the filter monthly and replace it when necessary. A unit should never be left unchecked for more than 3 months in a residential or commercial HVAC unit. If no one is living a home for an extended period of time, they can wait up to six or eight months before checking the filter. If a furnace is in the basement, it should be checked upon their arrival in case there’s mold on the filter.

Washable Air Filters are a choice for individuals that prefer to go green for their filtration system. This type of filter can be used in a home or business. Although they are more expensive than a traditional paper filter, they can be used again after each cleaning. Keep your HVAC unit clean and your air quality the best it can be with a quality air filter for your HVAC unit.

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